November 01, 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE is one of the biggest issues facing humanity right now. Global climatic changes like shifting weather patterns, oceans salinity, rising global temperatures, rising sea levels etc are causing catastrophic damage to our CLIMATE and ECOLOGY. All of these are caused due to man-made climatic changes.

We keep on dumping massive green house emissions into our atmosphere every day. Couple that with ever growing animal agriculture and massive deforestation along with numerous other activities which are contributing in destroying the climate, we are now on the brink of what could be start of the EXTINCTION of the human race. If we don't make a change today we will leave no room for future regeneration to reverse the trend.

Even in face of DEVASTATING impacts which are now happening throughout the globe as a result of climate change, people in power still choose to ignore the SEVERITY of the PROBLEM and some outright DENY climate change. We at CLIMATICWATCH think that overall human population by and large is aware of the issue as they are the ones who get effected by it the most in their day-to-day lives. What they lack is a SINGULAR VOICE or a medium where they can speak out and share their opinions. Current social media platforms are generalised platforms and even if some one speaks out that voice its suppressed in a storm cloud of other non-related items. They only way we can make a difference and have our voices heard is by coming TOGETHER and EXPRESSING our concerns and views and sharing it with others.

For the past few months we have been working on a PLATFORM that will address this PROBLEM. CLIMATICWATCH is a complete social media platform with goal to bring people together and raise AWARENESS about CLIMATE CHANGE and how it impacts our ENVIRONMENT and ECOLOGY. We have launched first versions of iOS and Android APPS which aim to connect people together and highlight this issue.

We INVITE you to join this CLIMATE REVOLUTION, RAISE your VOICE and make a DIFFERENCE. The more people join this platform, the stronger our voice will be. The platform is COMPLETELY FREE. We need to spread the word and encourage more people to join this effort then collectively we will be able to make an impact.

Abdul Azeem Khan
CEO & Founder
Climatic Watch